General Setup

stickerheineken1Art should be submitted at 100% size (The size you want it printed). We can take all vector files (Illustrator EPS preferred) please make sure to convert all text to outlines/curves before you send it to us.  If you don’t have a vector file, we recommend 300dpi or larger in one of the following formats: PSD, TIF or JPG.   Please, do not simply raise the resolution of files by plugging in higher numbers to your existing low-resolution file. It will just make it big and fuzzy.

Do not send images such as JPGs that have been downloaded from the web.  These files are sized at a low resolution in order to load quickly on a website. They do not provide enough resolution for us to print.

We recommend sending a mockup of your art with your file whenever possible. We will provide you a final mockup for approval before printing.

Art should be left in layers. Pantone colors should be provided in your artwork if you desire specific colors. Final print color may shift from what you see on your computer monitor.

Microsoft Word Publisher and PowerPoint files are not print ready files and may be subject to additional charges.

Die-cut stickers & heat transfers need to have a minimum .05″ thickness on all lines.


stickerheineken1Banner Requirements

-Grommet every 24″ (1″ from edge)
-Sized To Print
-No Crop Marks
-Flatten All Transparencies
-Outline All Fonts
-Keep Important Text 2″ From Edges